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                                (Preferred, check almost every day)                             
 Phone contact information:

                               +86 18223445829

                            when you call, pay attention the time difference, normally we have 12 hours time difference with USA, 7 hours time difference with European countries.
                            That's to say, don't call us in our sleeping time(11.30pm to 7.00am), otherwise there is no reply. If no reply, email us or add whatsapp or add skype 

                              Contact Person: Seven  From 8:30 am to 6:30 pm EST

                              Address: 21-5 CITIC Tower, guanyin street, jiangbei district,Chongqing

Live support information:
                               Skype:  ChinaCarDiag (Preferred, check almost every day)

                                whatsapp:  +8618223445829 (Preferred, check almost every day)