All About Xhorse remote key Details

Xhorse remote key live course content review:

Basic introduction of Xhorse remote key
1.Red packing bag --- XK series-wired remote key  25 points
2.Blue packing bag --- XN series --- Wireless remote key  40 points
3.Purple packing bag --- XE series --- Super Remote key  60 points
4.Orange-red packaging bag --- XS series --- smart card holder (keyless go)  40 Points

Wired remote key-25 points
Wireless remote key--40 points
Smart card remote key --- 60 points
Super mold machine ---40 Points  

The type of the remote key cannot be seen from the shell, and the remote key can only be seen by opening the circuit board. Use a tool to open the casing of the remote key. If it is easy to have static electricity in winter, you need to discharge the static electricity on your hand before opening.

The difference of the circuit board:
1.Wired remote key with socket on circuit board

Q: Does the wired slave have both socket and chip?
A: yes

2.Wireless remote key, no socket on the circuit board, nxp chip, wireless induction generation chip

3. Xhorse DS Style Super Remote --- the circuit board has a built-in supermodel chip

4. Smart card remote key-there are multiple inductors (three inductors)

PS: The buttons on wireless, smart card remote keys and supermodel remote keys are better.

The molecular machine is based on the price (I will sort back a unit price of all the sub-machines without shipping to the salesperson. At present, we all order at least 5 and post)
Below 1.5USD is definitely a wired remote key
2.5USD-7USD is usually a wireless remote key
3.9USD-10USD is generally a smart card remote key

Universal key embryo-mentioned in the live broadcast, is still waiting for purchase confirmation.

The key blank can be used with the XHORSE cutting machine, and it can be installed on the sub machine after cutting.

At present, the main remote keys are mainly the Blade II of smart card remote keys and MQB Volkswagen remote keys. (I will go back and confirm the model with the purchase) Blade II and MQB Volkswagen Submachine Factory have appearance patents.

How to use the remote key

1.Wired slave programming

KEY TOOL MAX + Burning cable + Slave
After linking the sub-machine and the KEY TOOL MAX, select the appropriate vehicle model and the appropriate sub-machine type, and then click on the generation to perform the sub-machine programming. Slave can be re-programmed, and can also be integrated
Wired remote key-25 points
Wireless remote key--40 points
Smart card remote key --- 60 points
Super mold machine ---40 Points  

APP: XHORSE. Open the app and there is an online mall. You can redeem goods or authorize if you have enough points. A slave can only be integrated once.

Xhorse Key tool max sometimes needs to be networked for upgrading or some key programming needs to be networked, but in most cases it can be used offline and does not need to be networked at all times. You can also use your own mobile hotspot or WIFI at home.

2.Wireless remote key programming
The wireless slave must first be installed with a battery, and ensure that the credit light flashes red, and then detect the signal. You can perform the programming after there is no problem. There is no need to write a cable, just put it in the programming box on the top of key tool max.

How to tell if the remote key is a Chinese remote key or an overseas remote key?

After disassembling the circuit board, look at the code on the back. The code that starts with E is an overseas version of the submachine, and the code is directly the date of the Chinese version of the submachine.

3. Smart card remote key generation time is relatively long

After all the slaves are generated, you need to use OBD equipment for matching, such as MINI OBD supporting KEY TOOL MAX, or some OBD equipment of other manufacturers, such as IKEY820 or K518. Only the slaves of MQB must be matched with VVDI.

XHORSE Universal Remotes 39pcs / lot There are only 4 wireless remote keys in this set, and the rest are wired remote keys.

On the key tool max interface, a representative with a car logo must collect data on the car. Delegates who have only one key mark do not need to get in the car to collect data.