Digiprog 3 changes mileages of Nissan Pathfinder HCS12

This is how to use Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool for Nissan Pathfinder HCS12 km change.


Requires plug 48:

ST 48
yellow 18 yellow = brown
green 17 green = red
white 7 white = black
brown 13 brown = orange


Remove and disassemble the speedometer.

Find the solder points as shown in the picture on the

Next page described.

Solder the cables from ST48

Now choose the program: Cars / Trucks - NISSAN - PATHFINDER HCS12.

The DIGIPROG 3 indicates the old / wrong KM level.

Programming the new / correct KM booth.

Remove all solder joints again.


Note that make sure how much is on you display because on some japan cars u see on miles or kilometers and some time you device reading by miles but you have to convert to kilometers and programming by km 4 example

the display shown in mile but you have to schedule in kilometers. first converted miles to the amount of kilometers you want to view on the display after program kilometers example

120123 miles to km =193319 so yo if you want 120123 on you display yo have to program 193319 km and you see 120123 on you dashboard this is some time. but some time no.