How to choose nexiq usb link truck diagnostic tool and cables?

Our nexiq/nexiq 2 usb link Comparison:
Item NO. name Weight Bluetooth  case packing  Hot Selling price express shipping
SH27 Nexiq 1.7 no yes ★★★★★ 139 free
SH27-B Nexiq 1.7 no carton ★★★★★ 139 free
SH72 NEXIQ-2  1.5 yes carton ★★★★★ 159 free
SH72-B NEXIQ-2  1.5 no carton ★★★★★ 149 free
SH72-1 NEXIQ-2  2.2 yes case ★★★★★ 169 free
SH72-B1 NEXIQ-2  2.3 no case ★★★★★ 159 free

All of nexiq are same functions,they are just from different factory.
sh27, sh27-b  are the same,just the package case is different,and sh27 is with case packing, sh27-b is with bluetooth 
sh72 and sh72-b SH72-1, SH72-B1 are the same factory,the bluetooth and packing is different
Sh72 is with bluetoothbut, carton
Sh72-b without bluetooth, carton, but price is the cheapest. 149usd
SH72-1 with bluetoth and case, price is highest 169usd
SH72-B1  no bluetooth but with case pack.

2.nexiq Accessory:
Item NO. Name 
SH27-F Full Set Cables
SF71 PN 88890034 14 PIN for Volvo Adapter 
SF72 PN 403098 USB Cable
SF86 PN 448033 3 Pin Deutsch Adapter 
SF70 PN 88890027 8 Pin for VOLVO/MACK Adapter
SF82 Komatsu Cable
SF78 PN448015 Caterpillar Cable 
SF69 PN 444009 J1962 for GMC Truck W/CAT Engine
SF68 PN 448013 OBDII Adapter