Kess V2 Firmware 6.008 vs Firmware 5.028 vs Firmware 5.017

Look here: Kess V2 frmware 6.008 vs Kess frmware 5.028 vs Kess frmware 5.017

Kess v2 5.017 has 594 protocols in SD-Card (594 in format .prt)
Kess v2 5.028 has 637 protocols in SD-Card (637 in format .prt)
Kess v2 6.008 has 709 protocols in SD-Card (515 in format .prt and 194 in new format .kprt) :

Here’s some info about Kess v2 firmware 6.008.

Works only without Internet Connection

With internet connection

All bootloader st10fxxx are ok and all bootloader tricore are Grey.

The half of obd protocols are Grey

Kess 6.008 on gearbox

This is for your information.

Kess 6.008 is the latest though. It has not been tested by real professionals.

And a lot of protocols cannot work at all.

To use with security and relief, Kess v2 5.017 is your way to go.