Mercedes diagnostic tool C4/C5/C6: Which for DoIP?

Here, we'll talk about DoIP support and MB STAR tools C4/C5/C6 from clone to original.

  1. Popular version: SD CONNNECTC4 SP100-D

This one is one of the most stable quality in china, priced around 480usd.

it can support K and CAN and truck 24v,

but it can't support DOIP. and also no DOIP cable.

  1. Fake version: SDconnect C4 DOIPmux

Recently one factory added a DOIP PCB on the normal C4 for make it work for DOIP.

It does look like the original doip device. And priced about $600

But after test, it can't support DOIP protocol.

it support K and CAN protocol, but it cannot support DOIP as they claimed.

and the package also doesn't have a DOIP diagnostic cable.

so this one is same as normal one now. worthless!

    3.Cheap version: Mercedes Star C5 cheap one

Price about 500usd.

this one is a joke. it uses cheap C4 PCB, then insert it to a C5 case.

it work on K and CAN, but the factory quality not good, easy broken on 24 truck and not stable.

so this one also worthless.

  1. Xentry connect C5 real one

this one price about 1100usd.

this one is a 1:1 clone from original xentry VCI, the SSD software is in device, and with license in machine.

it complete support K-line CAN and DOIP protocol. The booting speed a little slow, but diagnostic speed is quick.

it can update use original DVD, and install all ADDONS, it support all mercedes until now. and can use in any laptop.

so, this is worth to buy until now. price is 1100usd and include license update 2year.

  1. ECOM

this is a original device from ACTIA the price about 1000euro. it support CAN and DOIP, but didn't support K-line.

diagnostic speed is quickly.

  1. Xentry VCI

this is a Original Device from the dealer.

perfect support K + CAN + DOIP protocol.

the diagnostic speed is awesome

but very expensive

if it has any problem, price for fix is also much higher.


this is a vxdiag priced $600.

have tested on some cars like W205 and old, 

it support K + CAN + DOIP protocol.

but the diagnostic speed is not so good as the original. but ok for the price,

not sure can completely support all car K+CAN + DOIP.
the problem of this device is 
(1) maybe not can full compatible for all mercedes like original device
(2) can't update by yourself.
it made by J2534 and a little like VAS 6154 VXDIAG version.
if driver not update on time, it may can't use on new software.
and this one update by HDD.
2 year update 4times update fee about 400usd.
it is ok to buy now.

Here, the conclusion is:

  1. if you do not need DOIP functions,SD connect C4 SP100-D is your way to go..
  2. if you want a DOIP device and you can easy get update DVD, have a xentry connect C51:1 clone of the original. update easy and original functions.
  3. If you didn't have budget, and you still want a doip, you can buy vxdiag c6.


SDconnect version 2019 (SP100-E) now can work for DOIP:

DoIP diagnostic technology:

DoIP diagnostics refers to the use of diagnostic services introduced via UDS over TCP/IP and Ethernet. This allows DoIP diagnostics to have faster data rates than CAN diagnostics, resulting in significant time and cost savings for complex diagnostic tasks and refresh applications.

Why use DoIP diagnostics?

High speed data transfer rate. The total data rate has reached 100 Mbit/s. Compared with the high-speed CAN using ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2), the overall rate of DoIP diagnosis is 100-200 times that of CAN diagnosis. The transmission rate on the network is 300 for CAN diagnosis. -400 times;
low cost. Use standard hardware components such as Ethernet controllers, CAT5 cables and RJ-45 connectors;

No need for hardware VCI, personal computers only need one Ethernet interface;
DoIP technology perfectly matches the IT infrastructure, and both fixed diagnostics and remote diagnostics can be applied.