Skoda Octavia 2015 MQB mileage correction: VVDI2 done!

Tested successfully! VVDI2 Xhorse is able to do odometer correction for Skoda Octavia 2015.

Vvdi2 sw version: VVDI2 VAG 5.5.0

The old mileage read from the dashboard: 66612km

Gonna read km with VVDI2

The mileage is the same as what is displayed in the dashboard

Change km: 66000km

Km recalibration is only used for repair and maintenance!
The user should take all risks if you use for the illegal purpose

Confirmed to save eepriom data before km write

Switch on with the working key before press OK

If the car has keyless go, put the working key nearby the car coil and switch on

choose login method. Here login method 2

Writing data success

Pls use “Reset instrument” to activate the instrument after all the operation is done

Reset success

Go to Special function: ABS brake

Read and clear data

The current km on the dash: 66000km (same as what is written just now)


You have to know: optional solutions of MQB mileage change

Xhorse is much more expensive than Obdstar tools but Xhose supports MQB immo and dash while Obdstar supports dash only.

Note that Xhorse VVDI2 is the only key programmer can be used for VAG MQB platform instrument immobiliser. Instrument with NEC35XX (Continental/VDO)

VVDI2 works perfect in BMW and VAG key programming.

Have it if BMW key programming is required.

If not, go for Obdstar tools - cheaper but working good, support more MQB types

If you need a tool for VAG immo and dashboard, go for Obdstar H110;

If you need a universal odometer correction tool, go for Obdstar X300M;

If you works for a workshop, go for Obdstar key master and you’ll never look back.

Ps. Obdstar X300M and H110, at the same price, depends on your need.

Good to know: MQB key programming and odometer correction - tips & guides: