W164/245 Odometer Correction: Digiprog 3 can do it?

I read the manuals. Digiprog 3 has option in W169/245 Tahco diag and it asks for ST60.....

Here are tips I found on the web, which helps W164/245 odometer correction.

That option will flash dash and stop syncro with EZS. But original mileage will remain in EZS


In w169 and w245 digi will not stop syncro with EZS. I did this dash with digi and original mileage jumped back becouse in this cars there is Kostal EZS and it's working in diffrent way than in other cars. YOU can try to write with digi 999999 first then connect dash in a car and then write to dash correct mileage.
If You can't connect to dash it means that the st60 is faulty, in this thread You have correct pin assignment for this adapter.

Test result:

Repaired ST60, now can connect to dash W245 by plug, read km ok but write fully random value 
Chrysler 300C R/W ok OBDII
VW T5 2005 dash and EDC16 R5 2.5 R/W ok OBDII
VW Touran 2003 EDC16 Read ok, but write nothing changed OBDII
Mercedes W245 dash read ok, write random value by dash plug

In W245 and 169 only:
-Tacho DIAG (by plug 60)
-Tacho 24cxx

St60 cable must work on 
C-Class W203,

E-Class W211,

CLS W219,

GL X164,

ML W164,

R-Class W251,

CLK W209,

G-Class W463,

A-Class W169,

B-Class W245 

St60 must work in all of them but in A and B class will not stop syncro with EZS.