What is the difference Among Nexiq 2 SH72 SH72-B SH72-1 and SH72-B1

SH72 SH72-B SH72-1 and SH72-B1    
Four items are nexiq 2 usb link so what is the difference?
item number bluetooth packing  shipping price(usd)
SH72 yes carton  free 159
SH72-B no carton  free 149(cheapest)
SH72-1 yes case free 169
SH72-B1 no case free 159

Need both bluetooth and case, choose sh72-1
need only bluetooth but carton packing, choose sh72
need without bluetooth, and carton packing, choose sh72-b, cheapest
need without bluetooth, but case packing, choose sh72-b