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27cm*17cm*7cm ( Inch: 10.63*6.69*2.76 )
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Product Description

1.LONSDOR KH100+ Key Programmer, upgraded version from old KH100.
2.Can copy some Toyota smart keys (8A)
3.Read properly 902MHz frequency on some USA remotes.

Lonsdor KH100+ Hand-Held Remote Key Programmer

Lonsdor KH100is a versatile hand-held smart device, able to access control key, simulate/ generate chip, generate remote (key), detect remote frequency, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc.

Lonsdor KH100Features:
※ Modern appearance design, in line with the operating habits of the public.
※ Device system comes with operation instructions, easier for you to use.
※ It covers almost all the functions of the similar products in the market.
※ Built-in super sensor to collect data(over-range data collection).
※ Exclusive support for 8A(H chip) generation.
※ Built-in WIFI module, can connect to network at any time.
Lonsdor KH100Function List:
Identify Copy
Chip Simulation
Remote Generation
Remote Frequency
Access Control Key
Chip Generation
Coil Identification
Special Function
unlock8A: Special function
Unlock toyota smart key

Enter the KH100+ and press this path to unlock the original car key.

Identify/copy/generate chip:
Multi-vendor chips supported
Especially Toyota 8A(H) chip Our predominance

Simulate Chip:
Able to simulate 4D/46/48 chips
With built-in super sensory data collector(no interference within 1 meter when collecting data)

Generate remote/smart key:
Dedicated connector to generate remote/smart key Online update supported
Remote generation diagram

Smart key generation diagram

Dedicated connector to generate remote key:PS2-7Pin OD3.5

Access control/remote frequency
One-click identify and copy IC/ID cards
Copy multi-vendor chops
Detect remote frequency bands with high accuracy
One click identify ID card,able to copy multi-vendor chps,at the back sensor area

Detect super frequency
Detect multiple frequency brands with high accuracy

Lonsdor KH100Identify Coil
①Search smart induction area
Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100+’s antenna position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will make sounds, please check if the position is right (as shown below).

②Detect IMMO
Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100+’s antenna close to key
identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100buzzer beeps, it means
signal is detected.
Lonsdor KH100Remote Frequency
Enter this menu, put remote control at the device’s induction area to detect remote frequency.

Lonsdor KH100Special function
Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, More functions, to be continued...
① Detect infrared signal
Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote's button once. When the light on KH100's screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal (see below pic).
② Unlock Toyota smart key
Put in smart key, click OK to operate.

Lonsdor KH100Device Components:

Name                                    Notes
Antenna To induce simulated chip and detect ignition coil
Display screen 2.8-inch color screen, resolution: 320X480
Induction coil To identify, copy, generate key chip or remote, etc.
Port 1 USB-B port
Port 2 Dedicated port for remote’s connector
Power button  In shut-down state, tap to boot the device. In power-on state, tap to switch to power saving mode. Long press for 3s to shut down
Remote frequency detection Put remote in this position to detect its frequency.
High-frequency detection To identify and copy IC card.

Lonsdor KH100Figures:

Lonsdor KH100Latest Update Information:
LONSDOR KH100UPDATE Sept 25th, 2019
Note: Please ensure that the network is stable during the upgrade process. Do not shut down during the upgrade process.
If the upgrade is not successful, please restart and update again.
Lonsdor KH100Specifications:
Size: 193mm*88mm*24mm
Screen size: 2.8 inch color screen
Resolution: 320*240
Battery: 3.7V 2000mA/H
Power: 5V 500MA
Work Temperature: -5~60℃
USB: USB-B/Charge-Data Transfer
Connector Port: PS2-7Pin OD3.5 7Pin,1.27 Spacing,The 2ND Pin:NC
Lonsdor KH100Upgrade:
Enter settings menu, and connect the device to network, then choose [check for updates], one-click online upgrade. 3.0 After-sales service
(1) Our company will provide you with excellent after-sales service and warranty service within agreed time.
(2) The warranty period lasts 12 months from device activation date.
(3) Once the product is sold, the return and refund will not be accepted if there is no quality problem.
(4) For product maintenance beyond the warranty period, we will charge labor and material costs.
(5) If the device is faulty or damaged due to any of the following reasons, we reserve the right not to provide service based on the agreed terms(but you can choose paid service).
※ The device and components are beyond the warranty period.
※ Users find that the product appearance is flawed or damaged, but has no quality problem.
※ Counterfeit, without certificate or invoice, our official back-end system cannot authenticate the device info.
※ The product is damaged due to not following the instructions in this manual for operation, use, storage, and maintenance.
※ Damage caused by private disassembly or damage caused by repair and maintenance of maintenance company unauthorized by Lonsdor.
※ Liquid inflow, moisture, falling into water or mildewing.
※ The newly purchased device works normally without any damage when unpacked for the first time. But with the prolonged time of use, screen damage occurs, such as screen explosion, scratching, white spots, black spots, silk screen, touch damage, etc.
※ The use of special tools and accessories not provided by our company.
※ Force majeure.
※ For the man-made damaged device, if you decide not to repair after we disassemble it and make a quotation, the device appears unstable condition(such as: unable to boot, crash, etc) when you receive it.
※ Private cracking of the system causes function changes, instability, and quality damage.
(6) If the auxiliary parts and other parts(other than the main components of the device) are faulty, you can choose the paid repair service provided by our company or our authorized customer service outlets.
(7) We will perform repair after receiving your device and confirming its problems, so please fill in the problems in details.
(8) After repair finished, we will return the device to customer, so please fill in the correct delivery address and contact number.
(9) Customers who needs to send the device for repair, shall bear the cost, such as round-trip delivery cost, transportation cost and etc. If the device is damaged in the process of delivery, our company will not bear relevant fees. In particular cases, we will assist the customer to claim for compensation against the shipping company..
(10) We do not provide sales invoice to individual in any form. If need it, please ask the dealer you purchased from to invoice you.
(11) Please keep the warranty card properly, and fill in the card when returning your device for repair, so that we can deal with the relevant work procedures (the warranty card attached to the end of the manual).
Lonsdor KH100Registration guide
Note: After booting the device, please connect to WIFI and enter the following process.
New user
① For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete
activation process, click OK to start.
② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.
③ Input user name, password. Confirm password, cell phone number or email to obtain
verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.
④ Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.
⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.
Registered user (who has registered Lonsdor products before)
① For the first use, please prepare a registered call phone or email to help complete
activation process, click OK to start.
② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.
③ Input your registered mobile number or email, password to obtain verification code.
Then input the code to submit login.
④ Account login succeeded, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.
⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.
In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor’s product can directly choose
[registered user] to activate account.
Package includes:
1pc x Lonsdor KH100Hand-Held Remote Key Programmer


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Tech Service

LONSDOR KH100+ Supported Remote Key and Smart key List
KH100 Remote key  
      <4>GL8 No words  Parted 2004-2011 315MHz            
      <4>GL8 With words  Parted 2004-2015 ID13 315MHz            
      <4>GL8 Century GM2-3 Parted ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Enclave Parted 2009-2014 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Enclave GMC sedan/H2 w/button start ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Enclave GMC sedan/H2 w/PANIC ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Hummer H2 Parted 2004-2008 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Regal Parted ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Regal Parted (Trunk with delay) 315MHz            
      <4>Lacrosse 4-Buttons 2006 ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Lacrosse 5-Buttons w/button start 315MHz            
      <4>Lacrosse 5-Buttons w/button start 2 315Mhz            
      <4>Lacrosse 5-Buttons w/PANIC ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Lacrosse 5-Buttons w/PANIC 2 315Mhz            
      <4>Excelle 2004-2006 ID60 433MHz            
      <4>Excelle Ver.1 2004-2006 ID60 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Excelle Ver.1 2007-2011 ID60 315MHz            
      <4>Excelle Ver.2 2007-2011 315MHz            
      <4>Excelle HRV 2007-2011 ID60 315MHz            
      <4>Excelle 12 ID70 433MHz            
      <4>Excelle 2012 433MHz            
      <4>Excelle 2015- 0558994 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Park Avenue  2007-2011 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Park Avenue 2 2007-2011 315Mhz            
      <4>Firstland IMP 3-Buttons PANIC ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Firstland IMP 4-Buttons  ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Firstland IMP With Side Door ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Firstland2.5  315MHz            
      <4>Firstland(domestic) GL8 2.4 ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Firstland(domestic) GL8 2.4 2 ID13 315Mhz            
      <4>Focus Flip key Auto Close Window 2005-2011 ID63 433Mhz            
      <4>Focus Fiesta 2005-2011 ID60 433Mhz            
      <4>USA std 4-Buttons 5-ButtonsParted 315Mhz            
      <4>Navigator 315Mhz            
      <4>Raptor F150 pickup 315Mhz            
      <4>Mondeo 2004-2006 ID60 433Mhz            
      <4>Edge Explorer w/button start 315Mhz            
      <4>Edge Explorer w/button start 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Edge Explorer w/PANIC ID63 315Mhz            
      <4>Edge Explorer w/PANIC ID63 433Mhz            
      <4>New Focus/Mondeo 2011/Escape 2013 ID63 433Mhz            
      <4>New Focus/Mondeo 2011/Escape 2013 ID63 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Enclave/GMCsedan/H2 w/button start ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Enclave/GMCsedan/H2 w/PANIC ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Hummer H2 OUC60270 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Hummer H2 LHJ011 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Hummer H3 ID13 315Mhz            
      <4>CTS L2C0005T No.1 2004-2007 315Mhz            
      <4>CTS L2C0005T No.2 2004-2007 315Mhz            
      <4>CTS L2C0005T No.1 2004-2007 433.9Mhz            
      <4>CTS L2C0005T No.2 2004-2007 433.9Mhz            
      <4>CTS L2C0005T No.2 Ver.2 2004-2007 433.9Mhz            
      <4>CTS OUC6000066 2009-2013 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>CTS(Old Ver.) Delphi 12223085-107 1号 315Mhz            
      <4>CTS(Old Ver.) Delphi 12223085-107 2号 315Mhz            
      <4>Chrysler PT pickup 2006-2009 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Chrysler GQ43VT13T 433Mhz            
      <4>3-Buttons 315Mhz            
      <4>Auto-Lifting Window 315Mhz            
      <4>Bar key 315Mhz            
      <4>Epica 2013 ID70 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Captiva 2012-2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Aveo Bar key 2-buttons ID48 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Aveo Bar key 2-buttons Type2 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Spark Bar 315Mhz            
      <4>Spark Flip 315Mhz            
      <4>Lova 2006-2010 ID48 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Lova no chip 2006-2010 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Lova Bar key 2006-2010 ID48 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Lova Bar key with trunk 2006-2010 ID48 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Lova RV Flip key ID4D 433Mhz            
      <4>Lova IMP  48chip ID48 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sail 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sail Bar key 2014 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sail Flip key 2015 ID4D 433Mhz            
      <4>Sail Parted ID40 315Mhz            
      <4>Spark 2011 315Mhz            
      <4>The 1st type ID48 433Mhz            
      <4>A3 220D 2014 ID48 433MHz            
      <4>A3TT 220G ID48 315MHz            
      <4>A4 231P 231E 1997-2005 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>A6 231M 2002-2004 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>A6 2319(231E) 1997-2004 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>A6 Allroad Quattro 1998-2004 ID48 433MHz"            
      <4>A8 231M 1997-2003 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>TT 231P(231E) 2000-2005 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>TT 231M 2002-2004 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>TT 220D ID48 433MHz            
      <4>TT 231N 1998-2002 ID48 433MHz            
      <4>TT Quattro 231M 2002-2004 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>231/231N/231A/231R ID48 433MHz            
      <4>Old MINI  315M 315MHz            
      <4>Old MINI  433M 433MHz            
      <4>MB100 315MHz            
      <4>1JO 959 753 DJ ID48 315MHz            
      <4>1JO 959 753 DJ Ver.2 ID48 315Mhz            
      <4>1KO 959 753N 202Q ID48 434MHz            
      <4>1KO-959-753-G 434MHz            
      <4>202AD 202AJ 202L 202H ID48 434MHz            
      <4>5KO 837 202 E ID48 434MHz            
      <4>753L Sagitar(Old) ID48 315MHz            
      <4>753L 315 Sagitar(Old) Ver.2 ID48 315Mhz            
      <4>Bora Classic 315.5 2004-2006 ID48 315Mhz            
      <4>GL/Jetta/Xinrui 2013-2015 ID48 434MHz            
      <4>GL/Santana/Haona 2013-2015 ID48 434MHz            
      <4>Golf 2004 ID48 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Superb/New Bora/Sagitar/Golf 2012-2015 ID48 433MHz            
      <4>Jetta long bright 315.5 ID48 315.5Mhz            
      <4>Jetta blink (Adapt -2009 long bright) 315.5Mhz ID48 315.5Mhz            
      <4>Jetta blink (Old) ID42 315Mhz            
      <4>IMP Tiguan 202AE 315Mhz            
      <4>Lavida/Octavia 2013- ID48 434MHz            
      <4>Lavida/Bora/Scirocco -13/Tiguan -2011 ID48 434MHz            
      <4>Passat/Bora/Golf/Polo ID48 315Mhz            
      <4>Passat/Polo/Tiguan/New Santana 2012-2015 ID48 434MHz            
      <4>Passat(Old)/IMP Bora ID48 433MHz            
      <4>Santana/Santana Vista Parted 2004-2010 ID48 315Mhz            
      <4>Sagitar 2010-2012/10- Octavia/Fabia ID48 434MHz            
      <4>Sharan(4-Buttons Remote) ID48 434MHz            
      <4>Jaguar 315Mhz            
      <4>Old Jaguar Flip key 433Mhz            
      <4>Antara 2008-2013 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Opel 433Mhz            
      <4>93176615 BOSCH 433Mhz            
      <4>opel001 433Mhz            
      <4>BOSCH 315Mhz            
      <4>VOLVO Flip key 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Elysee Parted 2004-2005 ID33 315Mhz            
      <4>Elysee Bar key 2007-2012 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Elysee(old)  Parted ID33 433.92Mhz            
      <4>FuKang  White  Parted 315Mhz            
      <4>Superb/New Bora/Sagitar/Golf 2012-2015 ID48 434.4Mhz            
      <4>Fabia ID48 434Mhz            
      <4>Lavida 2013- ID48 434.4Mhz            
      <4>Sagitar(2010-2012)/Octavia Fabia(2010-) 434Mhz ID48 434Mhz            
      <4>GL Jetta/Xinrui/Xindong 2013-2015 ID48 434.4Mhz            
      <4>Xinrui ID48 434.4Mhz            
      <4>CRV/City/Odyssey 2013 ID46 433.9MHz            
      <4>CRV(old) Bar key  ID48 315MHz            
      <4>HLK-5T Odyssey IMP from USA 313.8MHz            
      <4>Odyssey 2004-2018 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>Odyssey -2004 ID13 313.8MHz            
      <4>Odyssey -2004 ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Odyssey -2004 ID13 433.9MHz            
      <4>Odyssey IMP  ID46 313.8MHz            
      <4>Odyssey USA std 2014 ID46 313.8MHz            
      <4>HONDA 2.4 313.8MHz            
      <4>HONDA 5-Buttons 313MHz            
      <4>Fit IMP from USA 2014 ID46 313.8MHz            
      <4>City IMP from USA 2014 ID46 313.8MHz            
      <4>Concept 2011-2014 315MHz            
      <4>Civic 2012-2014 ID46 433.9MHz            
      <4>Accord 2.3 2002 ID13 313.8MHz            
      <4>Accord 2.3 2002 ID13 315MHz            
      <4>Accord 2.3 2002 ID13 433.9MHz            
      <4>Accord IMP from USA 2014 ID46 313.8MHz            
      <4>Accord Gen. 7 2003-2007 ID8E 433.9MHz            
      <4>Accord Gen. 7 Civic/Fit(Old) 2003-2007 ID48 315MHz            
      <4>Accord Gen. 7/City/Fit(Old) Adjust 2003-2007 ID78 315.1Mhz            
      <4>Accord Gen. 8 2008-2012 ID36 313.8MHz            
      <4>Accord Gen. 8 2008-2012 ID36 315MHz            
      <4>Accord Gen. 8 (Original car guide)electronic 2008-2012 ID46 433.9MHz            
      <4>Highlander/Yaris/Verso/Yaris 2014- ID8A 315MHz            
      <4>Highlander/RAV4 FSK 2014- 315MHz            
      <4>Highlander/RAV4 FSK 2 2014- 315Mhz            
      <4>Camry/Carol/Crown/RAV4 2014- ID8A 315MHz            
      <4>VIOS/YARiS L 2014- 315MHz            
      <4>TOYOTA trimming  2014- ID8A 315Mhz            
      <4>YARiS L/Levin/Reiz/Vios/Prado 2014- ID8A 315MHz            
      <4>Highlander/Yaris/Verso/VIOS/Prado -2014 ID67 315MHz            
      <4>Camry/Carol/Crown/RAV4 -2014 ID67 315MHz            
      <4>TOYOTA trimming  -2014 315Mhz            
      <4>TOYOTA trimming 1 -2014 315Mhz            
      <4>1512H 314MHz            
      <4>Toyota Taiwan 2015- 433Mhz            
      <4>Taiwan Carol VIOS 2015- ID8A 314Mhz            
      <4>Taiwan Wish Highlander Carol 2015- 314Mhz            
      <4>Taiwan Wish Highlander Carol 2015- 433Mhz            
      <4>Taiwan Highlander wish Carol 2015- 433Mhz            
      <4>Taiwan VIOS CarolVIOS 2015- ID8A 314Mhz            
      <4>Fortuner Parted 2006-2008 314MHz            
      <4>Toyota(old) 2098-2002 315MHz            
      <4>FJ Land Cruiser ID67 315MHz            
      <4>FJ Land Cruiser 2008-2012 ID68 314MHz            
      <4>FJ Land Cruiser 433MHz            
      <4>Alphard 4-Buttons 314MHz            
      <4>Alphard 4-Buttons 1 314.4Mhz            
      <4>Evans 433MHz            
      <4>Prado Camry ID4C 314MHz            
      <4>Prado Camry Previa ID4C 315MHz            
      <4>Prado Middle-East 2010-2014 ID8A 433MHz            
      <4>Prado W/trunk -2013 ID67 315MHz            
      <4>Prado Camry  ID67 314MHz            
      <4>Prado Lexus 48110 ID67 315MHz            
      <4>TOYOTA  (Old) 314MHz            
      <4>HiLux Fortuner Takuma 433MHz            
      <4>Hiace ID67 315MHz            
      <4>Sequoia Tundra IMP from USA 315MHz            
      <4>Sequoia Tundra IMP from USA w/trunk  315MHz            
      <4>Crown IMP Bar key 2005-2013  314MHz            
      <4>Camry 304MHz            
      <4>CamryPrado 50171 ID67 433MHz            
      <4>Camry  2009-2013 ID67 312MHz            
      <4>Camry IMP 2009-2013 ID67 314MHz            
      <4>Prado(old) ID4C 304MHz            
      <4>Prado(old) trimming  304.3Mhz            
      <4>Corolla(old)/VIOS Rolling Code 315MHz            
      <4>Corolla(old)/VIOS Rolling Code Ver.2 ID4C 315Mhz            
      <4>Previa(Old)/Prado ID4C 313MHz            
      <4>Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna 433MHz            
      <4>Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna W/Slide Door 315Mhz            
      <4>Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna W/trunk 315Mhz            
      <4>Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna W/trunk1 315Mhz            
      <4>Tundra/Sequoia/Sienna W/trunk ID68 315Mhz            
      <4>Levin FSK 2018 0551314 315Mhz            
      <4>Camry 2016 DJ3810 2017 0515474 433.9Mhz            
      <4>ER45778 0549522 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Land cruiser ASK 2018 0544415 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Prado ASK 2018 0515474 433.9Mhz            
      <4>LX470 2004-2007 314Mhz            
      <4>RX300 2008-2012 312Mhz            
      <4>RX350 GX 2004-2006 ID4C 314.4Mhz            
      <4>Old RX350 RX330 GS300 ID4C 314.4Mhz            
      <4>48110 ID68 315Mhz            
      <4>Alto Reach 2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Wagon R 315Mhz            
      <4>Wagon R Parted 315Mhz            
      <4>Liana Fixed Code 2005-2013 ID67 315Mhz            
      <4>Liana Jimny 2005-2013 ID65 315.1Mhz            
      <4>Liana A6 2014 ID68 315Mhz            
      <4>Gazelle Bar key 2004-2013 315Mhz            
      <4>SX4 2006 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Swift 2005 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>2006- M6/-2011 M3 Parted ID63 315Mhz            
      <4>M6 Parted -2006 ID63 315Mhz            
      <4>M3 M6 Micra Raptor 2011- ID63 433Mhz            
      <4>2011 M3/M6 Flip key 433.9Mhz            
      <4>2011 M3/M6 Flip key ID63 433.9Mhz            
      <4>2014 DJ5976 2011 315Mhz            
      <4>41846 41805 313Mhz            
      <4>41846 41805-TW 313Mhz            
      <4>M2 2007-2012 433Mhz            
      <4>M5 IMP 433Mhz            
      <4>M5 IMP Mitsubishi System 315Mhz            
      <4>M5 IMP 2009DJ4585 433.9Mhz            
      <4>CX7 0533403 433Mhz            
      <4>P27 Reach Pickup 315Mhz            
      <4>P27 Reach Pickup Ver.2 315Mhz            
      <4>P27 Reach Pickup Ver.3 315Mhz            
      <4>P27 Reach Pickup 315.5 315Mhz            
      <4>P27 Reach Pickup button-swap 315Mhz            
      <4>VDO with PANIC button 315Mhz            
      <4>Oting Yumsun 2007-2013 315Mhz            
      <4>Oting Yumsun button-swap 2007-2013 315Mhz            
      <4>ElectricWave W/PANIC Button ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>ElectricWave W/PANIC Button ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>ElectricWave W/Trunk ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>ElectricWave W/Trunk PANIC ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>ElectricWave Sylphy Tiida Sunshine 2014 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Bluebird Single-Button 315Mhz            
      <4>Bluebird Single-Button 315.5Mhz 315.5Mhz            
      <4>Navarre ElectricWave ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>2005 Sunshine(domestic) PA200 315Mhz            
      <4>VDO w/PANIC 4-Buttons 315Mhz            
      <4>VDO 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Tiida ElectricWave Bar key 2013 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Patrol 28268-3S80 314.8Mhz            
      <4>Patrol Y61 315Mhz            
      <4>Ruiqi 2005-2019 315Mhz            
      <4>Sunshine ElectricWave Bar key 2014 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Sunshine Cefiro A33 2004-2005 ID60 315Mhz            
      <4>Bluebird Flip key 2016-2017 052418 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Old ver. with trunk ID36 315Mhz            
      <4>Endeavor 2006-2012 ID46 313Mhz            
      <4>Galant 2007-2012 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Jinchang ID46 434Mhz            
      <4>ASX 2013-2016 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Zinger Bar key 2008-2011 ID4C 315Mhz            
      <4>Lancer Bar key Rolling Code 2006-2015 315Mhz            
      <4>Lancer Bar key Rolling Code 315Mhz            
      <4>Soveran Bar key ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Outlander Grandis Bar key 2004-2009 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Outlander Grandis Bar key 2004-2009 ID46 434Mhz            
      <4>Pajero IMP Bar key 2010-2016 ID46 434Mhz            
      <4>Pajero IMP (Old) ID46 313.8Mhz            
      <4>Pajero V73 V77 2004-2011 315Mhz            
      <4>Pajero V73 V77 Test ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Pajero V97 V93 V87 ID46 434Mhz            
      <4>Eclipse Galant IMP 2006-2012 ID46 313Mhz            
      <4>MIT 6-Buttons 2007 ID46 313Mhz            
      <4>Lancer EX 2010-2016 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>ASX 433.9Mhz            
      <4>K2 2011-2014 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>K2 2015 433.9Mhz            
      <4>K2 OKA-185T 433Mhz            
      <4>K3 2013-2015 ID70 433Mhz            
      <4>K4 2015 New Carens 2015 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>K4 2016 2016 433.9Mhz            
      <4>K5 2011-2014 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>K5 2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>K7 Cadenza 433.9Mhz            
      <4>KX3 15 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Morning 07901 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Forte Parted 2009 433Mhz            
      <4>HuanChi 2017 2017 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Carens Parted 2005-2013 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Carens Flip key ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Carens 2013 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Carnival Parted 2004-2006 315Mhz            
      <4>Carnival Parted Ver.2 ID70 315Mhz            
      <4>Opirus 3-Buttons Parted 433Mhz            
      <4>Opirus 4-Buttons Parted 315.1Mhz            
      <4>Accent Single-Buttons 2004-2006 315Mhz            
      <4>RIO Parted 2005-2007 315Mhz            
      <4>RIO Bar key Single-Buttons 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Cerato 2005-2012 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage 2007-2009 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage trimming 1 2007-2009 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage trimming 2 2007-2009 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage trimming 3 2007-2009 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage trimming 4 2007-2009 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage Flip key Integrated 2011-2013 433Mhz            
      <4>Sorento 2009-2012 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sorento -2009 315Mhz            
      <4>Sorento 2013-2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Sorento Parted ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Soul Parted 2010-2013 433Mhz            
      <4>Optima 2005-2006 315Mhz            
      <4>Sportage 2011-2014 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Sportage 2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>K3S 0514715 433Mhz            
      <4>SorentoIMP 2015 0551071 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Actyon 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 1 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 2 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 3 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 4 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 5 315Mhz            
      <4>Korando 2 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Korando 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Korando 2 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Korando 3 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Rodius Korando 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 2 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 3 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 4 315Mhz            
      <4>Actyon Kyron trimming 5 315Mhz            
      <4>Kyron 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Outback 2004 ID62 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Legacy Bar key 2004 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Forester Bar key 2009 ID62 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Subaru ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Subaru ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>New Forester 2017 433.9Mhz            
      <4>D-MAX 2015 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Mindray CA100015241 V1 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Mindray CA100016460 V2 2016 433.9Mhz            
      <4>ISUZU pickup 433.9Mhz            
      <4>ISUZU  QingLing pickup 433.9Mhz            
      <4>95430-3K300 315Mhz            
      <4>I30 2008-2012 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>IX25(RKE_4F17) 2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>IX35 2016 433.9Mhz            
      <4>IX45 2013/New Santa Fe 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Veloster 2011-2015 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Huiyi Single-Buttons 433Mhz            
      <4>Coupe 2-Buttons 433Mhz            
      <4>Coupe 2-Buttons 311Mhz            
      <4>Coupe 3-Buttons Parted 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Elantra 2015 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Genesis 2008-2015 315Mhz            
      <4>Genesis 2008-2015 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Elantra ID70 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sonata NFC Parted 2009 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>mistra 433.9Mhz            
      <4>mistra 1 ID70 433.9Mhz            
      <4>MoInca 3-Buttons Parted 2009 433.9Mhz            
      <4>MoInca 2009 433.9Mhz            
      <4>New Santa Fe 2013 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Verna 2010 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Verna ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Santa Fe IMP 2005 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Santa Fe IMP Parted 2005 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Sonata 2004-2008 311Mhz            
      <4>Sonata 2004-2008 315Mhz            
      <4>Sonata 8 2010-2015 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sonata 8 2 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Sonata 9 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Terrancan 308 Mega  Meiyou ID46 308Mhz            
      <4>Tucson Parted W/PANIC 2006-2009 ID46 315100            
      <4>Tucson Parted W/PANIC 2006-2009 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Tucson/Elantra-Celesta/Elantra-Avante IX35 2015 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Tucson/Elantra-Celesta/Elantra-Avante IX35 2 2015 ID46 433.9Mhz            
      <4>New Santa Fe 2013-2015 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Accent Bar key 2006-2011 315Mhz            
      <4>Accent IMP 2010 433Mhz            
      <4>Azera 2006-2015 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Azera 2014 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Elantra Parted 2004-2012 315Mhz            
      <4>Elantra Parted 1 2004-2012 315Mhz            
      <4>Elantra Parted -2005 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Elantra 14 433.9Mhz            
      <4>NF SONATA Parted 2005-2009 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Elantra-Celesta Parted 1 2008 ID46 315.1Mhz            
      <4>Elantra-Celesta Parted 2 2008 ID46 315Mhz            
      <4>Elantra-Celesta Integrated 2008 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Elantra-Celesta Flip key 2011 ID46 433Mhz            
      <4>Mistra 2014 0559506 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Verna 2017-2018 0538770 ID47 433.9Mhz            
      <4>610/630 2011 433MHz            
      <4>Spark Bar key 315MHz            
      <4>New Spark Flip key 2009-2012 315MHz            
      <4>BJ40 Rolling Code 2014-2016 315MHz            
      <4>BJ40L 47IMMO (separate 47 chip) 433MHz            
      <4>EC180 EV 433MHz            
      <4>EC200 EV 433MHz            
      <4>H2E Fixed Code  433MHz            
      <4>M20 Rolling Code 315MHz            
      <4>M20/M30 433MHz            
      <4>M20 M30 B39015 433 2 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Yusheng 007 315MHz            
      <4>Hyosow H2 15-16 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow H2 Fixed Code 434MHz            
      <4>Hyosow H3 15 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow H3 16 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow H3 15  434MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S2 102307 14 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S2 10230L 14 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S2/S3 137103 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S2/S3 155308  434MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S3 102307 14 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S3 10230L 14 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow S6 433MHz            
      <4>Hyosow H2 (old) 433MHz            
      <4>Luling pickup 315MHz            
      <4>Cherokee/Knight/Jeep 250/2700 Fixed Code 315MHz            
      <4>Weiwang 306/307  315MHz            
      <4>Weiwang M20 Flip key Fixed Code 13 315MHz            
      <4>Weiwang M20 Rolling Code 433MHz            
      <4>Weiwang M20 Fixed Code 315MHz            
      <4>Yinxiang M35 433MHz            
      <4>Weiwang M20 Modify 315 057282 315Mhz            
      <4>Weiwang M20 Modify 433 057538 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Hyosow S5 17-18 0540824 434.4Mhz            
      <4>EC220 18 0524447 433Mhz            
      <4>B30  ID46 433.9MHz            
      <4>B30 Version 2 433.9Mhz            
      <4>B50  2009-2014 433MHz            
      <4>B70  2006-2011 ID63 315MHz            
      <4>B70 Flip key (B50 shell) 2012 ID63 433.9MHz            
      <4>B90 Oley Faw parted 2012-2015 433.9MHz            
      <4>B90/B70 2012-2015 ID4D 433MHz            
      <4>X80  2013 433MHz            
      <4>X40 0536978 433.9Mhz            
      <4>BISU T3 434.4Mhz            
      <4>F0 Bar key 2013 315Mhz            
      <4>F3 Ver.1 2011- 315Mhz            
      <4>F3 Ver.2 2011- 315Mhz            
      <4>F3 Rolling Code -2011 315Mhz            
      <4>F6 Bar key 10 315Mhz            
      <4>M70 2017 434MHz            
      <4>Spica 0535186 315Mhz            
      <4>F10 F16 F99 2011-2012 315Mhz            
      <4>F12 Type 2 315Mhz            
      <4>F12 Type 1 315Mhz            
      <4>T70 2012-2016 433.9Mhz            
      <4>T70 Ver.2 ID4D 433.9Mhz            
      <4>T70 FSK 2016-2018 0514706 433Mhz            
      <4>G10 2013 433MHz            
      <4>V80 2015 433MHz            
      <4>Fengxing MPV 315MHz            
      <4>Yufeng 315MHz            
      <4>Fengguang 330S 315MHz            
      <4>Fengguang 360 370 FB02 433MHz            
      <4>Fengguang 580 433MHz            
      <4>Aeolus A30 315MHz            
      <4>Aeolus AX3 315MHz            
      <4>Aeolus H30 S30 2009-2014 315MHz            
      <4>Aeolus  Parted 315MHz            
      <4>Aeolus  Bar key 315MHz            
      <4>Aeolus  Bar key Swap 315Mhz            
      <4>Aeolus S50 S500 2016 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Aeolus SX6 F600 2016 Lingzhi 2017 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Fengxing Lingzhi MPV 315MHz            
      <4>Joyear Flip key 2014-2015 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Joyear S50 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Joyear X3 XV 2016 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Joyear X3 X5 2013-2017 Lingzhi M5 16 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Joyear X5 2016 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Joyear X6 2017 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Joyear XV 2016 ID46 433MHz            
      <4>Junfeng CV03 315MHz            
      <4>Kama Pickup 315MHz            
      <4>Lingzhi M3 Rolling Code Copyable 2013-2016 433MHz            
      <4>Lingzhi M3 JoyearX5 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Lingzhi M5 2017-2018 433MHz            
      <4>Succe Bar key 2013 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Succe Bar key1 2013 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Succe 2014-2015 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Succe Bar key 2-Buttons 2015 ID46 315MHz            
      <4>Wisman EV5 315MHz            
      <4>XiaoKang C31 Bar key 315MHz            
      <4>Fengxing 550 0529306 433Mhz            
      <4>Fengxing CM7 2016 0529306 433Mhz            
      <4>Aeolus AX41 0543896 315Mhz            
      <4>Aeolus AX42 0543640 315Mhz            
      <4>CM7 2015 0536722 315Mhz            
      <4>(Old)Delica Parted ID4C 335MHz            
      <4>Lingzhi V5/Linshi V6 2012-2016 315MHz            
      <4>Foudy pickup 315Mhz            
      <4>LanFu F22 315Mhz            
      <4>Explorer3/Explorer6 315Mhz            
      <4>Explorer3/Explorer6 button-swap 315Mhz            
      <4>M70 EX80 433Mhz            
      <4>Ollin Yano S 433.9Mhz            
      <4>Landscape Express 315.5Mhz            
      <4>Foton pickup/Sapp VT/Conqueror 6 315Mhz            
      <4>Foton Leone F22 315Mhz            
      <4>MP-X A1292 Telematics Box 315Mhz